International magazine about print & other media. Edited by Papyrus.

A magazine on the subject of international design, mainly print, definitely crossover, upright content, for and by designers. Oh it’s for free too...


In the exciting, fast evolving world of online as well as offline communication, Addmagazine intends to act as a contemporary platform examining the ways in which present-day graphic design and related disciplines affect and are affected by the print medium. To this end, the magazine provides a forum for designers, sharply focusing on new, refreshing, relevant solutions, in order to stimulate the symbiosis of artistic authenticity, knowledge of printing technology and the tactile qualities of paper. In the process, a close eye is kept on visual as well as philosophical aspects. The magazine’s editorial staff is supported by an ever-growing network of graphic designers, photographers, character designers and illustrators from all over Europe.

Addmagazine is a visionandfactory concept, published by Papyrus. Addmagazine is a free magazine which is shipped out 2 times a year to people residing in Belgium, The Netherlands or Luxemburg.

Issue 2 'Confrontation' (2006)  Interview with Stefan Sagmeister, cryptically titled: 'Stefan Sagmeister, formerly known as Stefan Sagmeister.